How to Choose Your Rugby Ball

Do you know which size ball to get? Do you know the differences between match balls and training balls?


Pavilion has got a small guide below for you. However, if you would like to discuss your requirements with one of us, we are more than happy to discuss it with you and help you pick the ball suitable to your needs.

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What to consider:

1) Size of the ball - we have a helpful size chart for you just to the left of this text.

2) The material of the ball: What is the difference between a match ball and a promotional ball?


Material of Manufacture:

Standard rugby balls used in matches are made of a rubber synthetic which has a dimpled surface. The promotional balls we make will have the same dimpled appearance, so it will look exactly the same as a match ball.


The difference between match balls, training balls and promotional balls has to do with the thickness. A thicker skin means a higher resilience during play.


Pavilion can offer you key rings and midi balls with either the synthetic skin or have a much smoother appearance, made from materials PVC or PU.



The balls we deliver to you will be deflated. We know that this is not ideal, but for packaging purposes it saves a lot of money, as otherwise we would be transporting mostly air. They of course have a valve so they can be pumped up by you.


There are a few exceptions. We offer softeez balls (larger stress balls) and stress balls. These are filled with a foam so of course require no inflation, and will be of proper size when you open the box.


Rugby Balls by age:

Size 3: Ages 7-9

Size 4: Ages 10-14

Size 5: Ages 15 and above

We do also offer size 2 and size 1 balls that are used in training or of course can be used for children under 7

If you have any questions, please just ask us.

Thank you


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